Chairman's Foreword

An introduction to FISP

Having been involved, over ten years ago, with both the launch and development of FISP during my time at FIRA, I was very pleased and honoured to be asked to act as an independent chair of the scheme in 2016.

FISP has come a long way since its inception and is recognised as the Furniture Industry’s benchmark for proof of a company’s sustainability credentials. The scheme has been developed by and for the industry to drive best practise and via the steering committee it is constantly evolving.

FISP is now seen as a business influencer and regularly requested in tender documents. The scheme has also assisted its members in achieving industry recognition as we they have gone on to win prestigious awards, such as the ‘Furniture Makers Sustainability Award’.

With the current trend for improved environmental performance in everything we do, I believe the time is right for the Furniture industry to further embrace the benefits of FISP membership and to use the recognition that it bestows to sell their credentials to their customers. I hope that the next few years will see FISP develop further, along with its reputation in becoming the true mark of sustainable excellence within the industry!

Alun Watkins

Chairman FISP Steering Group