All organisations within the furniture industry supply chain are eligible to apply for FISP membership.

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FISP Certified

When members are ready to apply for certification, FIRA International conducts an extensive audit to establish compliance with the criteria. Success leads to certification and Full FISP membership.

Full FISP Membership

Full membership is achieved once you have successfully achieved FISP certified status.

Membership helps to differentiate you from the competition, it is a powerful marketing tool and allows you to use FISP in tender processes and to claim points for SKA rating projects.

Focusing on Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential part of successful business. Sales depend on customers seeing that sustainability is at the heart of business whilst tenders often require proof that sustainable considerations are met.

Every client is unique

FISP is designed to ensure that each individual client drives the changes necessary to achieve its individual business aims: the service is tailored to your needs, whatever stage you are at on the road to excellence.

Membership Application Form

Download the application form now and the FISP terms and conditions.

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