Alun Watkins

Alun Watkins

Position: Executive Director
Company: PEFC UK -

Alun Watkins has been working in the timber and furniture industries for over thirty years, fifteen of which were closely involved with environmental issues. Before joining PEFC as National Secretary in January 2010, he worked at FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) as an environmental management consultant offering advice and guidance to the furniture industry on all aspects of environmental compliance including chain of custody and also managed the industry specific initiative Club Green.

Alun was also instrumental in the development of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) and has been chair of the Furniture Industry Environment Committee since 2016.

Fiona Edwards

Fiona Edwards

Position: Head of Sustainability
Company: JPA Workspaces -

Passionate about reducing the carbon cost of furnishing projects and reducing furniture waste.

I work for JPA Workspaces, an independent family business specialising in sustainable furniture solutions and services. This is enabled by our local approach and own logistics which give full control over the complete order process.

My work involves promoting the sustainable development of all aspects of our business underpinned by the 17 UN SDG - in particular SDG 12 – responsible consumption and production.

Our continuing challenge is how to become leaner, reduce our own and our clients’ emissions and waste whilst still delivering workspaces that inspire, that are comfortable, and which enable high performance and productivity.

We operate a full set of furniture services from initial planning and product specification through to post-occupation support, product maintenance, repairs,

re-working, furniture rental, second-life furniture and award-winning community furniture re-homing programmes and recycling. These enable us to reduce waste, optimise product lifecycles showing clients tangible financial and environmental benefits.

My next challenge is tackling Scope 3 emissions and developing our roadmap to Net Zero. We’ll do this by working with like-minded supply-chain partners to reduce the collective carbon costs of furnishing programmes and making it easy for clients to purchase sustainably #yeswecan.

Always happy to discuss all things sustainable, feel free to get in touch at

Steve Moore

Steve Moore

Position: Director of Consultant Services
Company: British Furniture Manufacturers Trade Association (BFM Ltd.) -

Steve’s experience gained in the furniture industry now spans 30 years having held a wide range of responsibilities, in both the domestic and contract sectors. This includes Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain and Human Resources management through Group, General Manager, and Director roles.

Having joined BFM Ltd (British Furniture Manufacturers Trade Association) in 2011 he now undertakes a variety of project and consultancy roles as Director of Consultant Services. He also works on European Commission projects, for example FreeFoam, which developed an alternative way to produce foam without the release of toxic chemicals.

“Sustainability in the industry is incredibly important to me, not only for the carbon footprint, to lengthen the life of our planet and look after it as we should, but also to look after the workers along every supply chain. Sustainability is for people as well as the environment. This must be a priority.” For Steve, joining FISP meant making sure that the furniture industry plays its part in having, and continuing to have, the resources to protect human health and our environment.

“Simply, it means conserving our resources and taking care of our environment and neighborhood as best as we can. I was delighted to become a member of the FISP steering committee as for me this is the perfect platform to strive to promote the importance of sustainability across our industry.”

BFM Limited has been a trade association for over 65 years representing the interests of the British Furniture industry being run by members for the benefit of members and the wider industry through a broad range of services and support activities. Benefits of becoming a member includes access to expertise across a number of subjects including employment affairs, export support, EU timber regulations, health and safety, commodity pricing and the environment. Environmental advice from the BFM is also offered through Alistair Bromhead, Health, Safety and Environment Consultant, who delivers the FISP programme directly to BFM members.

Mark Grainger

Mark Grainger

Position: Environmental & Quality Systems Manager
Company: Moores Furniture Group -

I commenced work at Moores in April 1989, working in a number of job functions, cumulating in becoming the Environmental & Quality Systems Manager in early 2013, with over 20 years’ experience in health, safety and environment, and management systems in general.

Ensuring that Moores are legally compliant with the corresponding environmental legislation; standards; regulations; operating Permits; and codes of practice to which the company subscribes.

Managing the continual development of: Occupational Health & Safety; Environmental; FSC Chain of Custody and Quality Management Systems and ensure continued certification to the standards.

Acting as the Company Management Representative / competent person for all third party external assessments undertaken by certification bodies, including BSI; Exova BM Trada and other third-party assessors including Achilles (Building Confidence)

Why is FISP important?

As an independent and industry recognised certified scheme, the programme encourages, nurtures and facilitates the continual improvement of sustainable development throughout the industry. Minimising consumption of materials and natural resources, whilst reducing waste and protection of the natural environment. FISP also contributes to improving economic performance, assisting in the creation of new market opportunities and development of more sustainable products and promotion of the social benefits that a sustainable business creates.

Why where we pleased to join / provide input to FISP?

As a founder member, Moores is proud to be associated with the FISP Steering Committee and to have been instrumental, along with a number of trade associations and manufacturers within the furniture industry, in the development of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme. The programme developed to provide a credible framework to stimulate sustainable consumption, manufacture and delivery of the product.

What does sustainability mean to us?

We’re motivated by making a positive contribution to the sustainability challenges – social, economic and environmental - that we face. We strongly believe that good sustainability

management is a force for good, helping Moores become more effective and resilient and delivering better sustainable outcomes, whilst beneficial to all our internal and external stakeholders. It’s a critical part of the transition to a sustainable economy and it’s essential that Moores are on the journey and making an active contribution.

Moores Furniture Group

Established in 1947, Moores Furniture Group Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (KBB) furniture manufacturers. With a heritage of over 70 years, Moores has built up a reputation for quality craftmanship and prides itself in best in class in terms of products and customer service, underpinned by strong sustainability principles.

Moores designs and manufactures the products in close collaboration with housebuilders to develop optimum solutions including: high rise; contract (private and public sectors; and retail business to consumer); affordable housing; and retail distributors. The product primarily constructed from melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), medium density fibre-board (MDF) and other ‘wood’ products, with the product available as supply only or supply and install. We also have a number of retail brands which are sold in independent retailers throughout the UK, and manufacture furniture for builders’ merchants and large DIY stores.

Kevin Bell

Kevin Bell

Position: Health & Safety Manager
Company: Moores Furniture Group -

I have worked at Moores since 1982, fulfilling many rolls, primarily within the operational functions, leading to my appointment as Health and Safety Manager in 1999.

As a chartered safety practitioner my health and safety journey has taken me down many professional development paths. Whist legal compliance is the ‘bread and butter’ of a health and safety professional, I pride myself on behavioural safety and the engagement of others in their health and safety journeys.

My roll today includes, providing expert support and guidance on: Health, Safety, Environmental and sustainability governance; promoting collaboration; proactive leadership; simple and practical solutions that ensure personal responsibility towards the health safety and wellbeing of our employees and others effected by our operations.

Jeremy Stein

Jeremy Stein

Position: Managing Director
Company: BCFA -

Jeremy has led the BCFA since July 2015 and since joining has made sustainability and raising awareness of environmental issues a core activity for the association and its members. As part of this approach the BCFA actively supports the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) and encourages all its members to work towards assessment against its principles. Many BCFA members are also members of FISP. Jeremy also represents the BCFA on the FISP Finance Committee.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

Position: Executive Director
Company: Company National Bed Federation (NBF) -

Jessica has been executive director of the NBF since 2006 but her links with the trade association go back to 1987 when she started working for them as their PR and marketing consultant. She ran her own PR agency, specialising in the furniture and floorcoverings industry from 1987 until 2020.

My background is in marketing and PR but at the NBF we have understood the importance of sustainability and moving towards a Circular Economy for some time. Since 2014, the NBF has:

  • Produced three reports on the fate of end of life mattresses
  • Announced a target of 75% diversion from landfill of disposed of mattresses
  • Published a policy for members on the reuse of used mattresses and components
  • Coordinated the development of a Register of Approved Mattress Recyclers, which will officially launch in 2022
  • Engaged with UK governments in discussions on sustainability and in particular Extended Producer Responsibility schemes (EPR), including working jointly with Zero Waste Scotland on an Outline Business Case for EPR for mattresses
  • Published a Guide to Ecodesign Principles for Mattresses
  • Is about to publish its Ecodesign Assessment Toolkit and Accreditation Scheme
  • Is working on its 4th report on EOL mattresses
  • Is about to publish the NBF Pledge for Our Planet

“I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing to provide leadership, support and guidance to the UK mattress industry on sustainability. Everyone needs to address this fundamental change to the way we all make, sell and dispose of things for the sake of our planet.

“We support FISP, because it provides companies with good, practical support and direction for their sustainability efforts and so complements our strategic aims.”

The National Bed Federation, founded in 1912, is the UK trade association for UK and Irish mattress and bed manufacturers and their component suppliers and represents around 70% of the sector by turnover. Benefits of membership include enhanced credibility and influence, professional support and expert advice, market intelligence and marketing support, including access to exhibit at the annual Bed Show in September.

Ian Allcock

Ian Allcock

Position: Supply Chain Sustainability Manager
Company: ScS Group Plc -

After being in the furniture industry for over 20 years, working across a number of roles and being a specialist in regulatory compliance and product safety matter, I have now joined the ScS Group. I have joined as Supply Chain Sustainability Manager and in this role, I manage the continual development of our sustainability strategy, throughout our supply chain and within our operations.

I have aligned our business operations with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that our products continue to reflect the ever-increasing demand for sustainable products from our consumers. As a national retailer we want to ensure our customers are able to make an informed choice about the products they purchase and our membership of FISP demonstrates that we are committed as a company to sustainable development.

Why FISP is important to ScS?

As a business we wanted to ensure that we could be benchmarked against the leading independent and industry recognised certified scheme. The goals of FISP dovetail perfectly with our approach by ensuring sustainable development throughout our supply chain.

Our customers hold us in high regard and increasingly seek sustainability requirements as part of their shopping list. That’s where we come in, to proactively ensure that we continue to meet their demands both now and, in the future, providing them with innovative sustainable options that they can be proud of.

About ScS

ScS is one of the UK's largest retailers of upholstered furniture and floorings, seeking to offer value and choice through a wide range of upholstered furniture products. The Group's product range is designed to appeal to a broad customer base with a mid-market priced offering and is currently traded from 100 stores.

The Group's upholstered furniture business specialises primarily in fabric and leather sofas and chairs. ScS sells a range of branded products The Group also offers a range of third-party brands (which include La-Z-Boy and G Plan). The Group's flooring business includes carpets, as well as laminate and vinyl flooring.

Lianne Smith MIEMA CEnv

Lianne Smith MIEMA CEnv

Position: Group IMS and Sustainability Manager
Company: The Senator Group -

Lianne has worked in the furniture industry since 2015, and in addition to seven years’ industry experience brings a wealth of experience from sectors such as manufacturing, retail, recruitment, logistics and construction.

With a strong background in regulatory compliance, environmental and quality management, Lianne now leads and manages the sustainability strategy for The Senator Group. This position covers all aspects - from net zero targets, sustainability governance, engaging stakeholders, and collaboration to make positive change. Lianne is a Chartered Environmentalist, holds full IEMA Membership, and is a lead auditor in ISO 9001 (Quality) & 14001 (Environmental) standards, managing a team of ISO auditors.

“Having been through my training with IEMA over the last few years, I am over the moon to be able to use that to support the industry and join the FISP and other steering groups to make a much needed change in the industry.

Sustainability is extremely important to me, and increasingly so as we start to see the effects of climate change across the globe. We need to do what we can today to benefit the future generations of our planet, and I believe that together we can drive that change and make a real impact.

It is an exciting time to see changes within the industry and to be able to be part of the FISP steering group”

Lianne sits on the FISP, Circular Economy Club and IEMA North West Steering Groups, and prides herself in driving the sustainability agenda both within her organisation.

Main areas of expertise include Sustainable Development, Carbon Net Zero, Circular Economy, Stakeholder Engagement and ISO Standards.

‘The Senator Group was a founding member of FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme), demonstrating our dedication to building, promoting and maintaining sustainable business. We will continue to collaborate to drive improvements within the furniture industry.’

Gareth Banks

Gareth Banks

Position: Head of Sustainability
Company: Orangebox -

Starting his career with a 1st class honours degree in Industrial Design from Brunel University, Gareth now has over 25 years of design experience, encompassing both in-house & consultancy roles. During this time he’s been the design lead on multiple new product developments for Orangebox and is and a passionate advocate for environmentally led design. He’s recently accepted a new role as Head of Sustainability where his remit will expand to guide the company’s journey towards significant decarbonisation. Looking forward his aim is to encourage Orangebox, its customers, distributors & suppliers to adopt a truly holistic approach to product life-cycles as we all adapt towards a more Circular Economy.